Tulsa Health Department Encourages Prescription Drug Safety During Holidays

TULSA, OK– [December 23, 2022]– With vacation events in complete swing, public health authorities with the Tulsa Health Department’s drug abuse avoidance program in addition to the Union Versus Prescription and Drug Abuse of Tulsa (CAPSAT) motivate citizens to avoid their prescription medications from falling under the incorrect hands.

” It is very important to securely keep your prescription medications at all times, however it’s specifically crucial when you have visitors in your house,” stated THD Drug abuse Avoidance Organizer Matthew Condley. “Even when you understand and trust your visitors, they might be having problem with a dependency that you are not knowledgeable about.”

When asked if they have actually ever utilized prescription drugs in order to get high, 60.2% of Tulsa County trainees who were surveyed reported they got the prescription drugs from their pals and 16.4% got them from the household medication cabinet without authorization, according to the 2020 Oklahoma Avoidance Requirements Evaluation.

According to the 2022 Oklahoma Grownup Prescription Drug Study, 82% of Tulsa County grownups surveyed do not protect their unused or undesirable prescription medications in their houses.

The Tulsa Health Department provides the following pointers to avoid prescription substance abuse:

  • Screen: Know what medications remain in your house. Keep a routine stock and prevent stockpiling medications.
  • Secure: Keep your medication protect from kids and teenagers. Keep medication under lock and secret to avoid theft.
  • Dispose: Do not flush any medications. Bring undesirable or unused home medications and prescriptions to a regional safe medication disposal website. A lot of police headquarters and drug stores use safe disposal.

For more details about the Tulsa Health Department’s drug abuse avoidance program or the Union Versus Prescription and Drug Abuse of Tulsa, please call 918-582-9355 or go to www.tulsa-health.org.

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