Treatment Center Billing Company

Treatment Center Billing Company

Treatment Center Billing Company

Just like regular hospitals, addiction treatment centers often need help with patient billing. If anything, the intricacies of addiction treatment make the billing more complicated than what would obtain in regular hospitals. If you run an addiction treatment center, there is no doubt you’ll benefit significantly from outsourcing your billing to a company that specializes in medical billing for treatment centers. To get your practice started, schedule a free consultation with Medical Billing Connection, a trusted and reliable treatment center billing company for practices across America.

What’s the time limit on filing a claim?

The time limit for filing a claim varies from insurer to insurer. While some insurance companies have very short limits, most providers generally adopt the 90-day rule. Some others, such as Medicare, are more lenient and could allow providers to file claims within twelve to eighteen months of rendering the service.

However, waiting for that long could also affect the revenue flow of your practice, and could make billing issues more complex to resolve, if there’s any. The best you can do for your practice is to file the claim for reimbursement as soon as you provide the service. And that is what a reliable treatment center billing company will help you with.

Do most sessions require pre-authorization?

The rule guiding pre-authorization varies with insurance companies. In most instances, the first session or regular follow-up sessions do not require pre-authorization. However, you’d need to obtain approval before carrying out extensive services such as psychological evaluation or before initiating an entirely new treatment plan. Furthermore, some insurance companies have caps on the number of visits patients can have without pre-authorization. Once a patient exceeds the stated number of visits, you’d need to obtain pre-authorization if you want to be paid for the subsequent sessions.

What should I do if I did not obtain pre-authorization for a session that requires one?

Although you’ll be better off not allowing this to happen at all, we’ll admit oversights do occur sometimes, and no situation cannot is beyond fixing. However, it would help if you first accepted it’s a mistake from your part; it’s neither the fault of the patient or the insurer. Thereafter, you can try to get the insurer to backdate the authorization. You’d need all the diplomacy and negotiation skills you can get if this is to go smoothly because insurance companies are not obliged to do it.

If your practice is new to the insurer’s network, they may make an exception for you. Or you may just go ahead and bill the patient if the insurance company fails to pay. Outsourcing your billing needs to a trusted treatment center billing company can help you prevent such billing problems. And if they occur, the company would have enough experience to fix them.

Contact an experienced treatment center billing company

To optimize your company’s revenue flow, you need to pay adequate attention to the billing and revenue collection process. Hiring the experts that have the requisite knowledge and experience as members of your organization would cost you a fortune. The more reason why you should consider working with Medical Billing Connection. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll be glad to let you know how we can help.



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