Trauma Counselors in Palo Alto

Trauma Counselors in Palo Alto

About 70 percent of Americans experience a traumatic incident at least once in their lives. Common events that lead to trauma include sexual assault, accidents, physical assault, death of a loved one, and illness. In addition, research shows that women are more likely than men to suffer trauma in the course of their lives.

If you are struggling with trauma of any sort, it is advisable to see a counselor. At Women’s Therapy Institute, we have trauma counselors in Palo Alto who can help you face and overcome emotions and reactions triggered by a traumatic experience in your life.

What is Trauma Counseling?

Trauma counseling is psychotherapy offered to help people deal with emotions that arise after disturbing events. Traumatic incidences can cause shock, intense pain, or negative feelings that linger long after their occurrence.

You can develop trauma from going through things such as losing your house or job and even near-death experiences. When such events occur, emotions can overwhelm you, and they include helplessness, fear, and shock. Unless you explore such feelings and get past them, it may hard to move on from the unfortunate experience.

Memories of something that happened to you in the past might elicit various negative reactions long afterward, sometimes even years after it happened. You may find yourself becoming extremely sad, withdrawn, or aggressive whenever you think of what took place.

Failure to come to terms with what happened might also keep you from trying new things in life if they remind you of the event. This is why it’s so important to seek trauma counseling – so that you can let the past events go and fearlessly move forward.

Reasons to Seek Trauma Counseling

Here are reasons why getting trauma counseling can be the best way forward:

  • Dealing with trauma symptoms over an extended period can lead to mental health disorders. Depression, anxiety, and confusion are common disorders that affect individuals with unresolved trauma. Enlisting the services of a trauma counselor can help you address unpleasant emotions triggered by an incident before they become more complex.
  • The psychological impact caused by a stressful event rarely disappears with time. If you find that the memories of an event evoke strong emotions long after it happened, it’s advisable to get professional trauma-focused therapy to recover fully.
  • Trauma symptoms can affect your relationships with your family, friends, and colleagues. This is because of emotions such as rage that can cause aggressiveness or a short-temper. An expert trauma counselor can assist you to channel your feelings in healthy ways so that they don’t affect other areas of your life.

Second to None Trauma Counseling

At Women’s Therapy Institute, we have counselors who specialize in trauma-focused therapy. They are some of the best female trauma counselors in Palo Alto, and they can teach you how to accept past events. Our counseling services will help heal any psychological wounds you bear and have a fresh beginning in life. Contact us today for questions or more information about our trauma counseling services on (650)272-0388.

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