State launches $100 million campaign to destigmatize youth behavioral health

The California Department of Public Health is using $100 million in grants to raise public awareness of youth psychological, psychological and behavioral health concerns, the firm revealed Tuesday.

Organizations can send propositions focused on youth that will enhance behavioral health literacy for kids, youth, caretakers and their neighborhoods in California. The propositions, which are meant to appeal to varied audiences, can by multilingual and multicultural.

The campaign belongs to the state’s Kids and Youth Behavioral Health Effort.

” The Kid and Youth Behavioral Health Effort is changing how we support California’s youth and today we are asking for propositions from certified companies to assistance perform these projects,” Dr. Rohan Radhakrishna, deputy director of the department’s workplace of health equity. “With these projects, we prepare to concentrate on promoting wellness and avoiding behavioral health difficulties, consisting of drug abuse conditions, amongst California’s youth.”

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