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If you feel you are not ready to move back into your home after your stay in rehab, we have a solution for you. Our facility for sober living in Scottsdale, AZ, can help you transition. Alliance Sober Homes can prepare you for social reintegration.

Daily life in a sober living facility

Residents in these facilities have daily routines. Breakfast starts the day for the residents, and they end with a nightly house meeting. Chores are also part of the daily routine for all residents. Some homes allow the resident to run the house by themselves — others employ staff to oversee the residents and their decision making.

Residents must have a job or undergo skills training to keep their place in the facility. Sobriety is a requirement for all residents. To ensure that a resident is sober, you must submit to regular and frequent drug testing. Sobriety is vital to the individual and all residents in the facility. One person can compromise all their fellow residents.

Importance of sober living homes

Not everyone has a safe environment to return to post-rehab. For some, home life drove them to use drugs or alcohol. Others do not feel secure in their sobriety yet. Still, others need life skills to get a job that does not involve selling drugs. All of those individuals can benefit from sober living houses.

For some, a sober living house is a difference in their sobriety. If they do not take additional time in a facility like this, they will return to drug use upon release from inpatient rehab. These homes serve a crucial role in the world of drug treatment. Our sober living in Scottsdale, AZ, recognize our role and wants to help you keep your sobriety.

What treatments do sober living homes offer?

The treatment offered is different from that of an inpatient facility. Residents participate in house meetings to discuss house issues as opposed to group therapy. Individual therapy is not available, but residents can meet with a professional offsite. Residents attend 12 step and AA meetings together both on and offsite.

Residents must have a job during their stay at any sober living facility. Once the individual is employed, they spend part of their day at their job. The structure of the home and a job helps prepare them for life beyond the facility.

Levels of sober living homes

Not all sober living homes operate the same way. The residents run some of them, while others pay clinical staff. There is a tier system for these homes, which include:

  • Level one- peer-run with no paid staff
  • Level two- run by a house manager and has at least one staff member
  • Level three- administrative oversight and multiple paid staff members
  • Level four- regulatory oversight, clinical staff, and numerous staff members

Check with your sober living facility to see what level they are and live in a facility with the level that matches your needs. Contact Alliance Sober Homes today to reserve your spot with us. We can make sure you stay in the most exceptional sober living in Scottsdale, AZ.

Sober Living Scottsdale Az

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