Meet the candidates running for Alachua County’s District 2 commissioner seat

Candidates Marihelen Wheeler and Ed Braddy are going head-to-head for the District 2 County Commission seat.

Wheeler is pursuing re-election as the incumbent, while Braddy is making his go back to politics after functioning as Gainesville mayor from 2013 to 2016 and formerly on the Gainesville City Commission.

Wheeler, a 71-year-old retired intermediate school instructor, is the existing chair of the Board of County Commissioners. She is the Democratic prospect in the race.

Wheeler names environmental management of water sources and avoiding drug abuse amongst youth as a few of the concerns she wishes to resolve.

Wheeler stated she wishes to deal with authorities departments in Alachua County to reduce existing drug abuse. She likewise prepares to deal with the school board to carry out profession advancement programs that can bring in youth to alternative options.

” We’re attempting to make certain that we’re engaging our youths at an earlier age,” she stated.

Wheeler is likewise an advocate of water preservation and sustainable water usage. She intends to deal with repairing locations that have the greatest quantities of wastewater.

” I would truly like to see us give up offering our water away,” she stated. “I would likewise like to see us cut down on water use on yards. I wish to make it prohibited for us to put in ground water spraying systems.”

Braddy, 50, is the existing chair of the Alachua County Republican Politician Celebration and is operating at Santa Fe College as a screening organizer. Braddy voices support for the development of single-member districts for the county commission.

” Plainly the status quo of one-size-fits-all is not yielding much better representation,” he stated. “Single-district representation tends to imply you improve representation and more attune focus.”

Braddy is crucial of the method the existing county commission is managing the budget plan for facilities. If chosen, he wishes to straighten existing incomes to resolve things like damaged roadways or run-down facilities.

Braddy wants to resolve real estate cost at the market conditions and decrease expenses at the start of the advancement procedure.

He feels that rural real estate is an important action in own a home, and removing it develops a space in the market in between what individuals would usually acquire as a starter house.

” You either get a high-end home in the $400,000 variety, or you get absolutely nothing you get you’re stuck in your home,” he stated.

Both candidates have actually had debates throughout their time in workplace.

Wheeler is presently dealing with a suit that concerns her residency in her district in Alachua County, an essential requirement to ending up being a county commissioner.

Braddy was charged with a DUI 2006 and has actually been associated with an examination with solicitations from a lobbyist throughout his term as mayor.

Early ballot for the midterm basic election is going on till Nov. 5. All locals of Alachua County can vote for Wheeler or Braddy on their tally.

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