Halfway House Near Me

Halfway House Near Me

Bloom Recovery is a highly sought-after halfway house near me with spacious, comfortable, affordable accommodations and a friendly staff team. Here’s how to choose a halfway house near you:

  • Budget

It can be difficult for many recovering addicts to live in a sober living home after leaving a residential rehab, especially if they do not have a job to fund the stay. However, there are several halfway houses at varying price points. Set a budget, and start looking for affordable halfway houses, revolving around your budget. We are one of the most affordable sober living homes with world-class amenities and the best clinical staff. Our residents enjoy a broad range of amenities and services for a reasonable rent.

  • Location

Look for halfway homes close to your place of work, family, and public transportation. If you own a car, the commute may not be much of an issue. But if you do not have a license or a car, you will have to use public transportation to travel to work, therapy, and other places. The last thing you want in recovery is to spend several hours a day on a bus or train. We are one of the renowned recovery homes in Thousand Oaks, and our facility is close to all the malls, grocery stores, beaches, and public transit.

  • Accommodations 

A sober living home is going to be your new temporary home. You want to live in a comfortable space where you can feel relaxed and at ease during recovery. Search for a sober living house with comfortable and hygienic accommodations in a halfway house directory. Most rehab facilities offer three meals a day. Joining a halfway house with comfortable rooms and delicious meals is crucial so that you can focus on rebuilding your life without any distractions. 

  • Structure

While sober living homes should help you adapt to the real world after spending several weeks at an inpatient treatment center, you still have a certain degree of structure and accountability. Without accountability, you may become reckless and relapse within a couple of weeks after rehab. Look for a sober living house with proper structure and a daily routine to provide you with a framework. As one of the leading aftercare centers, we help our clients adopt healthy habits and develop a daily routine that they can follow even after leaving our halfway house.

  • Rules

Rules are critical in the early stages of your recovery to help you stay clean and focused. Make sure to join one of the halfway homes with rules, mandatory house meetings, and curfews. These house rules can drive you towards finding a job, establishing financial independence, getting a new place to live, and strengthen your commitment to sobriety.

Your search for the best halfway house near me ends here. Reach us at 805-248-3473 / 818-462-1910 to join Bloom Recovery. Surrounded by hiking trails, the ocean, and scenic mountains, our facility provides recovering addicts with a serene environment, ideal for healing and recovery.

Halfway House Near Me

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Halfway House Near Me

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