Federal prosecutors weigh tax and gun charges against Hunter Biden

Devlin Barrett:

So, it’s been a headache from the first day. It’s been a headache prior to even Attorney general of the United States Merrick Garland handled that task.

And it’s truly– it’s one– it’s generally, in some methods, the extremely first test Garland had. He’s had– he’s had a couple of huge political tests. Among them is the Hunter Biden case. The other is the January 6 case. And now we have the Mar-a-Lago examination.

All of these things, sort of raised concerns about, can this Justice Department relatively examine a politically delicate case? And among the huge concerns that this case raises is, if and when the Justice Department reaches its conclusions, will it alter anybody’s mind?

Due to the fact that, politically, individuals have actually been arguing about Hunter Biden for several years now. Will the Justice Department settle the concern as soon as and for all? That stays to be seen.

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