Behavioral Health Treatment Centers Lehigh Valley

Behavioral Health Treatment Centers Lehigh Valley

Recovery Cove is one of the pioneer behavioral health treatment centers in Lehigh Valley with the best outpatient treatment programs. Outpatient therapy can help you maintain everyday responsibilities alongside drug and alcohol addiction treatment and help you achieve comprehensive recovery from your behavioral and mental health disorders.

Importance Of Addressing Addiction And Mental Health Simultaneously

Research suggests that over 45% of individuals suffering from an addiction disorder also suffer from a mental health disorder. In some cases, these psychiatric conditions trigger alcohol or abuse in individuals. People battling psychiatric illnesses like depression, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, etc., often self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to seek relief from the symptoms of their mental disorder. However, it worsens the mental illness further and leads to substance abuse disorder.

As a leading addiction treatment center, we use an integrated treatment approach that addresses both chemical dependency and mental disorders. Leaving the mental health issue untreated can lead to relapse in no time as the dormant psychiatric illness can resurface anytime in the future. It is pivotal to receive medical treatment for addiction and mental health issues for comprehensive recovery.

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the presence of a psychiatric disorder alongside addiction. The mental health problem can arise after developing an addiction or could be the root cause of your substance abuse. Suffering from a mental health issue alongside addiction can be dangerous and lead to lethal health consequences.

If you’re struggling with dual diagnosis, it is pivotal that you seek professional help from one of the top addiction treatment centers for a safe and speedy recovery. Dual diagnosis addiction treatment center programs use an integrated approach to treat behavioral disorders alongside mental illness.

Mental Health Conditions Present Alongside Addiction

Some mental disorders occur commonly alongside addiction, and a few become the underlying cause of substance abuse. Some of the mental health disorders commonly linked to substance abuse include:

  • Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Individuals with ADHD may feel more inclined to abuse drugs to manage their symptoms. Doctors prescribe Stimulants to treat patients with ADHD. Some patients develop an addiction to prescription medication and end up following a toxic pattern of substance abuse.
  • Bipolar disorder – Over 50% of people with bipolar disorder struggle with addiction. Bipolar patients self-medicate with drugs and alcohol to seek temporary relief from emotional situations and manic episodes.
  • Borderline personality disorder – Research shows that addiction and borderline personality disorder often occur together in over 66% of cases. Individuals with BPD abuse substances at some point in their lives.

Other conditions that can occur alongside substance abuse include depression, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), OCD, schizophrenia, and PTSD. Schizophrenia patients who abuse drugs or alcohol put their health at a greater risk. Seek treatment for addiction recovery from one of the top-rated dual diagnosis rehabs for a safe and pain-free healing process.

Your search for the best addiction recovery care ends here. Visit the Recovery Cove website today to learn more about our treatment programs. Listed among the top behavioral health treatment centers in Lehigh Valley, we offer personalized care and support to individuals with dual diagnosis disorders. Our outpatient therapy can prepare you for lasting success with sobriety and help you lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

Behavioral Health Treatment Centers Lehigh Valley

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